Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Pretty Girl Friend Posing: Wear SAF No. 4

I received these set of photos from a reader who mentioned that this is a pretty girlfriend of a guy who is serving National Service in Singapore, aka the military conscript system. It is interesting and actually pretty nice to see her posing in the SAF’s No. 4 pants. I think there is a certain coolness when ladies can carry off such masculine fashion with style. Nice!

Zhu Songhua 2

The pictures are mainly those taken when she was invited to model for magazines and professional photographers in the country.

Zhu Songhua 1

The very pretty 30 years old Zhu Songhua is an elementary/ primary school teacher teaching and living in China. She is a Chinese language teacher in the No. 1 Primary School of Jiangsu Nantong.
Zhu Songhua first shot to fame in September of 2010 when she appeared on the Jiangsu Satellite TV. She was invited to the TV’s Happy Night program’s My Teacher is Special segment. During and after the event, she immediately garnered much attention.

The ever resourceful Chinese netizens managed to find many photos of Zhu Songhua. Her pictures were quickly spread online as netizens dubbed her as China’s Sexiest Female Teacher, amongst other titles.


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